Our Stories

A PDF version of the full book can be found here: Facing Dayton Neighborhood Narratives Full Book

List of Stories:

Investing in Our Community, as told by Mary Varnado

Community Centered, as told by Barbara Pinson

Community: Common Unity, as told by Gwen Buchanan

Dayton: The Home I Never Thought I’d Have, as told by Leona Marmolejo

Changing Neighborhoods, as told by Mama Nozipo Glenn

Influence to Dominance, as told by Dev Bailey

The Rugrats of Harvard Blvd., as told by Marco Marmolejo

My Grandbaby, as told by Linda Woods

Family, Community, and a Life of Politics, as told by Tom Roberts

The Ties That Bind, as told by Dorothy Woods

Just Keeping Hope: Margaret’s Story, as told by Margaret Smith

Rediscovering Our Values: Dayton Through My Brown Eyes, as told by Steve Ross

My Neighborhood, as told by Joan Means

The Story of Helen Serrano, as told by Helen Serrano

Blessed in the Valley: The Life Story of Billi Ewing, as told by Billi Ewing

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times, as told by Charles Burks

The Story of Me, as told by Linda Burks

Reminiscing: Willie’s Story, as told by Willie Clemons

Through Life’s Changes, God Provides, as told by Bill Johnson

My Life in Dayton: Jamesetta’s Story, as told by Jamesetta Lewis

Facing Neighborhoods: Dale’s Story, as told by Dale Richardson

Where Are You Now? Jerry Bowling III’s Story of Reinvention, as told by Jerry Bowling

Sharon’s Story: Pave the Way, as told by Sharon Mitchell

A Grandfather’s Destinee, as told by Les Hamilton

Full Circle, as told by Mary Jo Dahm

Cory’s OND: A Town of Transition, as told by Cory Ivory

They Still Call Me Coach, as told by John Ivory

Heart and Home: The Story of Ray and Shelby, as told by Ray and Shelby Deck

I Am Proud: Roma’s Story, as told by Roma Stephens

Politicized, as told by Jacqueline Patterson

Paying it Forward: Dion’s Story, as told by Dion Sampson