Paying it Forward: Dion’s Story

Dion Sampson’s Story I have lived in Dayton my whole life. I love my community so much that sometimes the issues we have to deal with make me want to leave. Then my wife reminds me that no matter where I go, I’ll find some issue that I’d want to fix, so I stay. I […]


Jacqueline Patterson’s Story I remember great Grandma taking me into the voting booth with her. She wanted me to see that she was voting for John F. Kennedy. She told me that she didn’t usually vote for Democrats or Catholics but that Kennedy had promised to make things better for our people. My great grandmother […]

I Am Proud: Roma’s Story

Roma Stephens’ Story I have been to hell and back. I have seen the army tanks at the edge of my neighborhood in West Dayton. I have seen my friends be treated like animals. What I have witnessed has enhanced my blackness and womanhood to become an unyielding protector of my people. I am proud. […]

Heart and Home: The Story of Ray and Shelby

Ray and Shelby Deck’s Story Ray grew up in Dayton and has been here almost his entire life. Shelby moved here from Kentucky with her parents when she was eighteen. They have been married for fifty-seven years. RAY: In my younger years, I did all the things most children do. I had a scooter and […]

They Still Call Me Coach

John Ivory’s Story I’m just glad to be from North Dayton an’ Dayton. Dayton’s been a good place. I lived in that house over on Troy Street, ya know, the one that’s still next to Evans Bakery. We lived there, eleven of us kids, and I was number eight. And my cousins lived a few […]